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Interview with Source Webzine

Thanks to Source Webzine for the interview. Check it out!

Interview with Matt Coe from Dead Rhetoric

Insightful interview with Matt Coe from Dead Rhetoric. Thanks for the call! Check it out

Bury the Needle includes BR in the top 20 EP’s of 2018

Thanks to Gregory Gates of Bury the Needle for including us in his top 20 EP’s of 2018. Check it out!

The Obelisk includes BR in quarterly review

Many thanks to JJ Koczan at The Obelisk for including us in his quarterly review and for his tireless dedication to the music scene. Check out the diversity of music therein! Check it out

Maximum Metal reviews new EP

Thank you to Vinaya Saksena for the review of our new EP! Check it out

Rock and Roll Fables reviews our new EP

Thank you to Jesse at Rock And Roll Fables for the GLEAMING review of We Will Not Bow!! Glad people are digging it! Check it out

Matt Coe of Dead Rhetoric reviews new EP

Thank you to Matt Coe of Dead Rhetoric for the review of our new EP. He always has a way with words. Dig it!

Chris from Indy Metal Vault reviews “We Will Not Bow” EP

Thank you Chris & Indy Metal Vault for taking the time to review our new EP! Check it out!

Doomed and Stoned to premier first track off of “We Will Not Bow”

Thanks to BillyGoat at Doomed & Stoned for the kind words and for premiering the first track “Save Us All” from our upcoming release “We Will Not Bow.” New album drops October 31. Pre-Order Now!

New review from Indy Metal Vault

Thanks to Chris from Indy Metal Vault for the review of our debut 3-song EP. Check it out >>