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Benthic Realm band photo
Benthic Realm closeup band photo

Photos by C3L Photography

Formed in July of 2016 in Worcester, MA, USA, Benthic Realm conjures melodies and crushing rhythms from the dark abyss. The trio consists of former Second Grave members Krista Van Guilder (WarHorse, Lucubro) on vocals/guitar and Maureen Murphy on bass, and Dan Blomquist (Conclave) on drums. Brian Banfield (The Scimitar, Blood Stone Sacrifice) was a founding member but handed over drum duties to Dan in September 2017. The band continued to perform locally in the New England area.

The band was actively writing for their third release and had been scheduled to return to the studio July 2020, until the Covid pandemic changed their plans. The group resumed regular rehearsals in the summer of 2021 and spent the next year writing and rehearsing. October of 2022 the band headed back into the recording studio to record their first full-length album. “Vessel” was released in July 2023. The band is currently booking shows in support of the new album.

Stay tuned, stay doomed!